A Non Fiction Trilogy






    God’s infinite nature


    Logic of God’s existence – 3 proofs


    Illogic of other spirits


    Language of the day






    God as an actor


    Need for Faith


    Evolution and Creation








    Worry-free lifestyle and friendship





     God as king




God’s Infinite Nature


     God is infinite (and omnipotent), including all material and non-material things and has existence from ever (backward) too ever (forward) in time. Therefore nothing exists outside of God, else something’s would be separated from god, that is, have an existence other than being of God. Therefore everything is “part of” God. Even empty space is part of God.  




Logic of God’s Existence – 3 Proofs


    Proof 1 – Modern physics theory (the big bang theory) concludes that the universe possibly came into existence from mathematical point, that is to say, from nothing.

     Paraphrasing Thomas Aquinas, something cannot come from nothing, therefore something exists which is beyond human understanding and that something is commonly known as God.

     Proof   2- see GAAA, paragraph 1.

     Proof   3- All the prophecies of the bible. For example the fulfillment of prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the coming of Jesus. And many others, some which are already fulfilled, some which are not yet. Prophecy is foretelling the future, a super-natural act from God and therefore proving God’s existence, the Bible being the only place such proven (came true) prophecy is found




Illogic of Other Spirits


    If Satan existed, being the complete epitome of evil such by logic would destroy itself. Therefore Satan cannot exist.    Furthermore since God is an infinite being God is therefore singular, that is to say there is only one super-natural being of any sort and that is God.

     All bad things are then, I believe, of ignorance, fear and natural occurrence only.



Language of the Day


     But Jesus talked of the devil numerous times.

    However it needs to be considered that 2000 years ago people did not know the cause of rain, lighting, disease, anything about chemistry, etc.

     So to talk about sin as ignorance, fear and misinterpretation of what our feelings mean would not have been understood by people back then.

     Therefore Jesus used the term devil because it was the language of the day in referring to the cause of sin.







    It may be asked, God doesn’t exist because God wouldn’t permit so much suffering to occur.   But if we could do the right thing all the time and never make a mistake what kind of existence would we have (if God solved all our problems for us – what would we do?).   For if we dropped an egg on the floor it really wouldn’t have dropped.   Or if we threw a match in the leaves it wouldn’t start a forest fire. Or if we fell off the roof we wouldn’t get hurt.

    Now this on the face of it might seem okay, we could do anything without harm! But then if we wanted to mow the lawn it would all be done. If we wished to drink a glass of water it would already be drunk. If we went to cook a meal it would already be cooked. The sandwich we want to eat would already be in our mouths, the chewing we needed to do would already be done. And last but not least the thought we have would already be had.

    So in fact we could reach the point of no (human) existence. I believe this is what Jesus meant when he said, “an evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign” (Matt. 12-39). For if we wish miracles, we ask not only that things be done for us but that there be less nature (and more super-natural).   But as shown above we know not what we ask as this would be a compromised existence.

     Rather God in love has made a real world always to have real problems, but the hope of the Kingdom is that tragic large-scale problems can be pared down. So people would only have to deal with easy problems like when to plant, when to eat, what to build, etc.

    But surely God grieves over suffering. In the bible it says so (see Mark 1:41, John 11:35 etc.). But the sooner we tackle our problems the sooner we can achieve a better world. And always there is hope of this better world and the resurrection when we shall live for evermore.






    Has God ever intervened since creation? This is a touchy question. For if God has intervened just once then one might ask why not more often to prevent suffering. But it shown from the above if essay that if God intervened all the time, probably just the majority of the time people would have a compromised or even no any conscious existence. Likewise it probably can be concluded that God doesn’t want to force thought or behavior upon people but want us to choose such, for if it’s forced we don’t make a conscious choice.

     Also if God intervened would we believe it? Would we obey? Would superstition be multiplied, or laziness (see NFF).

     But Jesus was intervention by god (see GAAA) to show us the way to a better world. Now has God intervened more than once? Perhaps so, but I believe to consider the whole Old Testament as God’s intervention rather than mostly historical is a mistake (see NTATBL).

    To conclude I think God probably intervenes as little as possible, and we must not rest our hopes of a better world solely on God’s intervention, though this is necessary too, but must as God instructed us (see Matt 25:31-46, Luke 6:46) be workers toward that better world.


God as an Actor


     Particularly considering the state of knowledge 2000 years ago, I believe Jesus had more wisdom than humanly possible.

     I would conclude Jesus was God acting out the role of a human. In such a role Jesus never denies being God, only, for the sake of teaching us the gospel and how to treat each other, God played the role of a person. To simply appear as God and tell people what to do would only have:

  1. Cut away from the example of how a person should act.
  2. Caused people to argue with God more.
  3. Neglected the fact that even as Jesus God is everything else in the universe (see also GIN and John 3:12).


     A reading of the New Testament Jesus states that he is God, but as the role of a person relates his message better.

     With the miracles being true (it would be interesting to see if archeologists could find pig bones at the gerasenes site, Luke 8:26-39) it shows how scientifically ignorant people were then not to believe such supernatural acts. Further since God infallibly knew what “he” was doing we should have all confidence that God’s teachings are most important to follow.     



Need for Faith


     Now suppose one would believe in God only if God would reveal Gods-self. But

suppose God did, might one not say “this is an imposter spirit”. So all in all one can only

believe by faith. But God has created a perfect order in the world, therefore such

other spirits exist not, only being disorder between God and God’s image (people).

    Now one might still say “but God could make us believe”, but this is like saying that

we are forced to do so, that is our will is changed so we must do it, so we don’t have   the

ability to make decisions, which wasn’t the purpose of creating humans.

     Therefore you definitely need faith over and above proof.




Evolution & Creation


    In the Christian Faith is the Theory of Evolution an idea opposite to that of creation?

    The idea of extreme creationism is that the universe including plants, animals and people were created in one week “as is”, without any sort of “progression”, change”, “evolution” or “nature” to reality (all these words being logically similar ideas).

    This certainly would be a harsh reality, and in Genesis it states that what was created is good. Jesus too states that we are to do good works. How are we to do good works if there is no “nature” to the world!

    However it is completely consistent to suppose that evolution itself was created. That is the universe upon creation was given a certain “nature” to it, which leads unto biological evolution.

    Evolution then is part of the nature of the world that has been created. Human evolution is an important subject in the improvement of peoples health, as knowing that our genetic makeup has been structured by our evolutionary ancestors environment can be a powerful clue to understanding present day human biology, and therefore understanding health issues.

    The creation is beyond human understanding. Modern science has concluded the universe started in a “big bang”. This must have been a supernatural event, and is in the initial act of creation totally beyond human understanding. God can only express it to us in poetic style. The supernatural world is infinite, instantaneous, everywhere and one – God. The natural world as God created it has order and meaning.

    So I have no problem with the creation story in Genesis as poetry, expressing Gods act of creation in some way we can understand a bit. After all God is perfectly capable of writing poetry if it expresses the situation better than prose.





    Primitive people where Hunter-Gathers (before McDonalds) and in gathering foods a bitter taste usually translates to plants that are poisonous or unhealthy. Whereas a sweet taste 99 times out of 100 is something safe to eat. So though evolution people developed an instinct for liking a sweet taste.

    Now tens of thousands of years ago only a small amount of sugar was actually in the food eaten. But today with the ability to refine 100% sugar we consume much much more than primitive people did, which is unhealthy. So we have this dilemma that the instinct to like a sweet taste is there, and we now have the ability to produce too many sweets.




   The recommendations now are to cut back on saturated animal fats. This makes evolutionary sense too, as the cattle primitive man ate are really quite different from today’s beef. Why? Over the course of the last two thousand years or so people have been breeding cattle for size. That means fat fat fat . So now today’s cattle are probably 5 times or more as fat as the ancestral animals were. Therefore in eating the same amount of protein as primitive man we are getting much much more saturated fat than they did.

  So today's guidelines on fat do fit well with the concept of eating a “primitive diet” which people evolved into over 100,000s of years.






   When pesticides where first developed around 1900 they seemed like a good idea. It wasn’t until 19060’s that DNA was understood and now we know 50% of the DNA of a fruit is also found in a human (as we both have the same type of organs, ours are just bigger). So it is quite certain chemicals that kill insects will have a very bad effect on us also. But habits and companies long established do not change their behavior easily, but it is un-wise to use pesticides knowing what we know about biology now.




    Firstly let me say I am not talking here about discriminating or treating people badly because of any disabilities they have that are genetic in origin (or non-genetic)

    Nor am I taking at all about how Hitler corrupted the word eugenics. What he was doing was racial extermination, racial superiority ideas, terrible things that have nothing to do with the idea of genetic health.


     There are 2 major problems with the gene pool currently.


-In centuries past warfare and disease toke many lives, often with the weakest (genetically) dying in statistically larger numbers. If we want a world without warfare and disease (I do) then we must address the need to keep the gene pool healthy in other ways.


-Modern medicine allows people to live to childbearing age who used to die before then. These same people then pass their defective genes on to a new generation if they chose to have children, and many of them are choosing to do so.


    Also the use of harmful drugs and pollution is damaging the gene pool currently.

    The result of all this is more and more unhealthy people. This causes suffering for the people involved, as well as driving up the general cost of health care and the cost of living though decreased productivity. This sounds unkind to say even though it is true. But it is not unkind; the goal here is not to treat anyone alive badly, just the opposite. Foregoing childbearing if one knows they have genetic abnormalities is a responsible thing to do, and we should not be ashamed to talk about it as such.




Worry-Free Lifestyle and Friendship


     I believe one should try to live a worry-free lifestyle (see Matt 6:25-34 likewise Luke 12:22-31, Matt 11:28) and not strain over anything, just do what one is able (see Mark 4:26-29, John 3:8).

     Friendship is an important topic (see Matt 5:14-16, John 15:14-15). Friendship may be a biological, economic and social necessity (sharing, helping, networking, etc.). We may need to read between the lines in the New Testament as often it may be of implied significance.





    When horses are put into a pasture they usually do it in pairs. If one horse is left alone it prances up and down the fence line looking for another.

    This is because horses are gregarious animals.

    Man also is semi-gregarious and prolonged loneliness results in distress and unhappiness.

    Psychology is only making matters worse because when you call a lonely person “mentally ill” it only makes them feel more rejected. This is also contrary to what the Gospels teach, as in: Matt. 5:22 “ But I say to you, that who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgment; whoever says Raca * to his brother shall be liable to the council, and whoever says you fool shall be liable to the hell of fire.”

     See also Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43.


* Raca is defined as: a word expressing contempt for intellectual capacity or moral worth.





   Along the same line one of the major problems today is the lack of relationships people have. Children move far away from parents and friends in the community they grew up in, this leads to a lack of continuity and substance in relationships. This is the major cause of people’s unhappiness, not genetics.

  This, in my opinion, all can be traced back to the invention of the automobile. 100 years ago most people lived in the same geographical area. This allowed long term community and family relationships. After the invention of the auto this began to change. People got what I call “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence syndrome” and began to move around a lot. Today it is the exception in suburban culture to find people that haven’t moved long distances multiple times in their lifetime.  





    The Islamic world goes to one extreme of being overly “modest” and the West has now gone to the other extreme of being overly immodest. I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. In the past America was good about this up unto the 1940’s, but now has gone way downhill.

    Modesty is not a question of being ashamed of one’s body, only recognizing sexual feelings are real and can get addictive and dangerously out of control. Speaking as a male, much of these feeling are of course instinctive and unfortunately quite automatic, so the best and easiest way to control oneself is to avoid exposure.

   Even bare shoulders, high shirt , tight pants are all inappropriate - female and male.

   The media, newspapers, radios and of course TV have a big big problem on this issue. TV of course is totally out of order, but even newspapers and magazines are very very bad with no proper policy on pornography, let alone immodesty, particularly in advertisements. Please make a definite effort not to subscribe or support them. And 90% of the secular publications are like this.




   Please read the Book of Revelation at least once a year in your church.

   This is because Revelation 1:3 (NRSV) reads: “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of the prophecy…” and if God says we should read it aloud, we ought to do so.

   I agree with people who do not like the gender-neutral translation of the New Revised Standard Version. However I do feel that the translation of this passage is correct. It differs in an important way from previous translations, which is it calls for reading aloud the words of the Book of Revelation.



God as King


    As far as leadership goes the epitome of such is a king, for they are the leaders and the subjects are to be obedient. There is one king, God with whom we must be obedient (as far as understanding prompts us) as God’s teachings are in precept infallible.   But between people this should never be least we underestimate the vast difference between God’s knowledge and ours.   Only equable, democratic, cooperative and mutually edifying relationship should exist among people.