A Non Fiction Trilogy


      Preface (on Home page)



>Chapter 1 Basic Ideas

>Chapter 2 Initial Collisions of Primary Particles

                        Section 1: Infinite quantities and rod motion


                                          Transfer of Motion Rod to Rod 


                                          “Unison” Motion

                        Section 2: Collisions of 2 particles 

                                          Overtaking Hits

                                          Direct Hits

>Chapter 3 1P - 2P Collisions


                    Unison Motion Orbiting

                    Declining Orbital Values

                    Final Rotation of 3P

>Chapter 4 Continued Accretion Part I

>Chapter 4.5 Continued Accretion Part II

 >Chapter 5 Elements

                        Chart #1 Arrangement of elements

                        Length to width ratio of primary particle rods

.>Chapter 6 Electron, Energy/Work, Magnetism and Heat

            .          1. The system considered in this chapter

                       2. Overview to this point

                       3. Interactions off nucleon

                                     A. General idea

                                     B.  Electrons & Quantum Numbers

                                     C.  Work, Energy and Entropy

                                            Energy of the Electron

                                            Energy of the Photon

                                     D.   More on the dynamics of Energy and the Electron. Figuring for

                                            Energy Density.

                                     F.   Electron orbitals

                                     G.   Magnetism &  Heat

>Chapter 7 Light 

>Chapter 8 Cosmic Motions


                          Cosmic motions 

                         Circular motion


>Chapter 9 Connecting to Current Physics 

>Appendix A   Motion Without Forces

                        Section 1: Absolute velocity 

                                      2: Definitions of motion 

                                      3: Calculation of rotational plus linear motion

                                     4: Contrary Motion Vectors


>Appendix B  Motion Within Mass Area 

>Appendix C  A Calculation of Transfer of Rotational Motion

>Appendix D  Calculating Motion

>Appendix E  A Calculation of Angle of Deflection

>Appendix F  Forces

>Appendix G The God Factor

>Appendix H Logic and Experiment

                            Concepts and Math

>Appendix I Infinite Numbers and Quantities

                             Addendum 1:Sets

                             Addendum 2

                             Frames of Reference

                             On Centers

>Appendix J Principles, all the principles in order here

>Appendix K Incorrectness of Point Forces

                          Really Wild Thought on the Logic for Fundamental Factors in a System

>Appendix L Incorrectness of Curved Space

                          More on Curved Space

>Appendix M Fermat's Theorem


>Additional Reading

>Archived ideas