A Non Fiction Trilogy

Book II

Some Biblical and Political Issues of the 21st Century

    Praise God who kept it simple, the core of his message recorded in four short gospel books, given over three years of earthly ministry, but relevant for all eternity.


>Chapter 1 Scriptural and Logical Interpretation of the Bible



Section A: Proper interpretation of Bible, particularly Oldest writings

   1) Literalism

    2) All truth (logic, reason) is God's truth

    3) The Direct Teachings of God

    4) Teachings of Men

    5) Evolution is okay

  Section B: Not being superstitious about God guiding our lives, or about prayer

    1) Ditto

    2) God is a Minimalist 

    3)  Violence in the Bible

  Section C: Why Do People Not Believe In God?

    1) Lack of Knowledge of God

    2) Why People Can Confidently Believe in God?

    3) What is God?

    4) So What is the Value of Believing in the God of the Bible?


>Chapter 2 Bible Prophecy   


     1) Introduction

     2) First a critique of a few prophecy ideas I feel are incorrect.

     3) Now on to discussion of what I feel the prophecy in the Bible is saying.

        a. The Book of Daniel – An overview of it's prophecy.

        b. The Book of Daniel – A more detailed look at it's prophecy.

        c. The Book of Revelation – An overview of it's prophecy.

        d. The Book of Revelation – A more detailed look at it's prophecy.

        e. Daniel Chapter 9 – The seventy weeks prophecy.

        f. Jesus coming as a theif .

        g. Appendix: Revelation Chapter 11, a more complete look.


>Chapter 3 Topical Gospels

          A listings of the words of Jesus by topic, as found in the Gospels of Matthew and John (with   

          a scattering from other Books of the New Testament).


>Chapter 4 Society at Large

The Danger of Hollywood

            TV Careers


            Other points on television


            God is One



            God gave up?

            All societies

The problem of Homosexuality

            Sexual Addiction

            Distortion of thoughts       

            Why go Unnatural?

            The Question of Sex

To Pass on to the Next Generation

Todays Politics 2019

             White Privilege

             The Word Racism

             Political Violence? 

>Chapter 5 Business

             Capitalism has Fallen Short? Socialism failed. What do we replace it with?


             Short term profits, long term profits

             Marx and Communism

             The Answer to the First Title

>Chapter 6 Good Government

          We must protect the environment

          The ability to govern

          Freedom of School Choice

          Nationalism vs Globalism 

          More on Why we Have and Should Have Nation States 

          Substance Abuse 

          Criminality/Criminal Behavior

          Law and Order and the Electoral College 

          Mandatory Simple Economics Education in High School

          Some concrete suggestions