A Non Fiction Trilogy


  Issues of Natural Law

Introduction (Below)


>Part I   Essays on Christianity & Health                  


  Contents (see same)



>Part II Economics    


   The economic cycle

   Economic growth

   Capitalism & Socialism

             Good and bad points

              Myth of competition



>Part III  Freedom and Government 


      Types of freedom


       Maximizing freedom

              The relational concept of freedom

              Maximizing freedom

              Forming a constitution

                 The law of liberty

                 A model constitution

              Further interpretation of the constitutional principles

                 The principle of merchandising

                 Biochemical effects

                 Definition of pornography


        Three proposed laws

             Three proposed laws

                1. Mandatory population stabilization

                2. Public pornography ban

                3. Tobacco products ban

             On government and banning pornography

             On overpopulation

             On mandatory population stabilization

             On immigration

       More on pornography  




The definition of Natural Law I am referring to is (from Webster):


“Rules of conduct supposedly inherent in the

relations between human beings and discover-able by reason”.


     And I would add: proceeding from nature, as God so created it.

     This is not to be confused with naturalism, which denies the existence of God.

     Because many of these essays are short I have not included an index, but rather I have added the major subtitles to the table of contents.

     The acronyms (abbreviations) used in part 1 designate the subtitles. For example, see GAAA refers to the subtitle “God as an Actor”.

     The bible cross references to each subject are not complete but only an/some example(s).